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Kaman Specialty Bearingsdraws on over 50 years of experience and work hand-in-hand with theircustomers to tailor the optimal bearing for each application.Kaman's advanced research teams continually test

newport200 1Newport Fuel Solutions Inc. manufactures a new generation of innovative fuel treatment solutions to meet the challenges of modern petroleum fuels.

Three decades of research, extensive laboratory analysis and field

3053Sea & Land can give complete solutions for marine & industrial refrigeration and airconditioning systems. Sea & Land Service means:
Back up and technical suport everywhere anytime.
Original spare

A consulting group that specializes on the development, integration, and operation of complex Logistical projects world wide providing solution and unique experience by implementing enhance Logistic systems and procedures

ELVIK S.A., established in 1982, is the pioneer in incombustible materials (B-15 class) manufacturing in Greece, i.e. panels, doors, ceilings etc. These materials can be used for interior

The Most Valuable Partner.

KYROS MARITIME company is specified in selling alternative marine spare parts of all the major manufacturers, such as: ALFA LAVAL, WESTFALIA, MITSUBISHI,

Qingdao anchor chain Co., Ltd, established in 1958, has been developed into a world famous and specialized company in making marine anchor chain and ocean engineering

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