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The Basic Seamanship 3D Knots CD contains over 45 of the most common seamanship knots and allows experienced mariners and laypeople to quickly and clearly learn how to tie Bends Hitches Splices Whi ...

Test users knowledge of International Code Flags Beginners Morse and Advanced Morse. Includes extremely realistic classroom mock exam

Learn to send and receive flashing light (Morse Code) with this fun easy to use application. Takes you step by step through the process of learning blinking light.

This new software package deals with Ship Stability for the Mates/Masters (Class 2/1) Scotvec Ship Stability written papers. The CD ROM recaps on key elements of the OOW syllabus and builds on that in ...

Applications for Passage Planning Astronomical Navigation World Wide Tides and Onscreen Distance Tables

Maritime TrainingEstablish a state of the art propeller repair modification and correction facility.

Contains questions illustrations exam publications reference library update utility and more.

Affordable USCG Exam training training for mariners. Includes publications questions illustrations reference library and help.

This comprehensive electronic engineering encyclopaedia contains 800 pages of marine engineering reference.